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Flag of Khanty-Mansy Autonomous AreaInsignia of Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Area

3rd Karpov International Chess Tournament

Poikovsky, 16-24 April 2002

Insignia of Nefteyugansky Region

Cross Table






The traditional GrandMasters chess tournament
FIDE Category)
took place
16 - 24 April 2002
in Poikovsky (Russia)

Landscape near Poikovsky


  • Regional Political Council of Party "Yedinaya Rossija" ("United Russia"); Chairman Alexander N. Sidorov
  • OAO "YUKOS";
    Vice-President Yury V. Kopanev
  • ZAO "RosNefteTrans"; General Director Vladimir N. Semyonov
  • "Ob'Stroy";
    General Director Yury G. Chernyshov
  • OOO "Snezhinka";
    Adiba A. Islamgareeva

Final standings :

1. Onischuk,A - 6;

2-3. Rublevsky,S; Zvjaginsev,V- 5.5;

4-6. Vaganian,R; Dreev,A; Sokolov,I - 5;

7-8. Bologan,V; Vescovi,G - 4.5;

9. Aleksandrov,A - 4;

10. Obodchuk,A - 0.

Alexander ONISCHUK (photo from ChessBase)

The Winner of the tournament


Playing hall. 1st round Participants

A.Karpov, Governor A.Filipenko, Head of Nefteyugansk Region A.Klepikov during the press-conference on the opening ceremony

A.Karpov, Governor A.Filipenko, Head of Nefteyugansk Region A.Klepikov, Sponsors and Honoured Guests on the opening ceremony

A.Karpov, Governor A.Filipenko, Head of Nefteyugansk Region A.Klepikov, participants and guests during opening ceremony

Grandmasters G.Vescovi, I.Sokolov and A.Dreev after drawing of lots

Participants of the tournament and guest after visiting the Poikovsky Youth Karpov Chess School together with teachers and students.
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Brief grandmasters commentaries after 7th round.
Brief grandmasters commentaries after 6th round.
White's bishops sacrifices on h6... Brief grandmasters commentaries after 5th round.
Quick draws are not always so simple... Brief grandmasters commentaries after 4th round.
Information about start of the tournament and opening ceremony

(Games 8-9 rounds are not available yet. Expected very soon)


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