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What is Poikovsky? Where is it?

Poikovsky is the settlement in Nefteyugansk region of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area (Tyumen Region), Siberia,in Asian part of Russia.

Flag of Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Area Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area is a part of Russian Federation, part of Tyumen Region. It is situated on the West-Siberian Plain, in basins of the rivers Ob' and Irtysh. A climate is continental with long severe winter. Average January's temperature -18...-23 C; July's +16...+19 C. Contains the huge oil and gas deposits. The capital is Khanty-Mansijsk. Insignia of Khanty-Mansy Autonomous Area

Nefteyugansky region (administrative center - city Nefteyugansk) is situated between rivers Ob' and Irtysh, in the landscape zone of middle taiga.

The square of the region is 25 sq. km. The total population is about 30,000 people.


Insignia of Nefteyugansky Region

The region is rich for natural resourses. Taiga forests are very valuable (pines, pine-cedars, pine-deciduous, fir-cedars etc) and at the same time there are natural "nurseries" and "guardians" of fur-bearing animals (fiber, sable, musk-rat, stoat, water rats, hares, fox), lambs and northern deers, and forest birds (blackcock, hazel grouse, white grouse, wood-grouse). The water basins contains lake white-fishes, stargeons and other fishes.

During ages the life of native population in the region was connected with fishing and hunting.

"The Yugansky Landscape"; Painting by Savostyanov
The significant part of the region is covered by lakes and marshs. Also there are many rivers and channels. The main rivers are: Large and Small Salym, Large and Small Balyk, channel Yuganskaya Ob'.

There are huge stores of oil (around 2.5 billion Tons) in the region. Oil is a basis of region's economic. Basic branch, where people employed - oil. Wood industry also is very important for region's economic.

There are few settlements in Nefteyugansk region. The largest is Poikovsky.

Todays name "Poikovsky"the settlement received due to river Poika. The previous name was Mushkino. The encampment Mushkino appeared in February 1966 on a coast of the river Poika. Brothers Mushkins were the founders. In a 1968 the settlement included 1,5 thousands of the inhabitants.


One of Poikovsky's streets, Winter

From small Mushkino the settlement was turned to large Poikovsky, which in a 1998 became a winner of region's competition "most comfortable municipal urban and settlement center". The population of Poikovsky is around 20,000 people. Poikovsky is growing up and it is a future of Nefteyugansky region.

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