3rd Karpov International Chess Tournament / Poikovsky, 16-24 April 2002







Information about start of the tournament and opening ceremony
Traditional GrandMasters chess tournament started this Tuesday, April 16 2002, in Poikovsky. This year the tournament has the high 16th FIDE category.

The Governor of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area Mr. Alexander Vasilievich Filipenko and the Heads of regions (including Head of Nefteyugansk Region Mr. Alexander Valentinovich Klepikov) attended the opening ceremony. The Governor presented his own prizes - chess-table and chess-clock (unique, hand-made).

This event is the 3rd edition of traditional tournament, dedicated to 12th World Champion Anatoly Yevgenievich Karpov. He also attended the opening ceremony.

There is a huge interest to this tournament and attention from the locas press and from the Siberian chess-lovers.

A.Karpov, Governor A.Filipenko, Head of Nefteyugansk Region A.Klepikov on the press-conference